What Chef Kurt Can Do for Your Home Kitchen Project

The best way to know how a car drives is to take it for a spin. It’s Best to Turn a Stove On and Taste the results from a Live Cooking Demonstration.

In Kitchen Design, selecting appliances can be a Daunting task. From Pressure Salesmen to Endless options choosing whats best may not be best for you.

Chef Kurt provides informative pleasurable Cooking Demonstrations Exciting Showrooms throughout New England while inform consumers on their appliance decision.

Here is a taste of the Brands Chef Kurt collaborates with

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Chef Kurt offers a Session for your business or Home to help Specify Appliances and how to Use them.

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What Chef Kurt can do for your Business

Chef Kurt works with a network of Appliance Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and Kitchen Designers to highlight features in an informative and Pleasurable way through Cooking Clinics to enhance your customers experience..

Whether you require a store Demonstration for Staff & Customers, Video for Training or Marketing purposes, Chef Kurt and his team will produce a memorable Experience.

Chef Kurt’s expertise is translating the advanced appliance features in understandable terms. His experience is the blend of Hospitality & Food Service with Appliance Sales.

Having many options to choose from, your Customers want more than just the best price. They demand the Best Shopping Experience and the mention of Service should not be a negative. Chef Kurt’s In Home and Showroom Demonstrations have inspired hundreds to get the most from their appliances.