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Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop

Posted by Kurt von Kahle on Wed, Jan 16, 2013 @ 06:19 PM

Thermador freedom induction cooktop

OK this cooktop has been out for a while and I hear of pros and cons. Just like anything man made, you are going to have fans and haters. You cannot please everyone. Full disclosure, I am a fan of Induction cooking and NO, Thermador has not paid me to write this article.

Some disregard items due to personal opinion of style, features or price. We are going to skip any arguments about glass cooktops or electric cooktops in general. If you are interested in Induction cooking, you are already aware it is electric and a glass top, correct?

Much has been said of the Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop or officially titled Masterpiece® Series Freedom® Induction Cooktop

So what do I have to add you ask?

I cooked on it several times throughout this past 6 months.

It is always good to start with the positive, so I am going to begin with the negative.

Priced approximately $5000 for a 36"

OK perhaps this is on the high end scale of cook tops, specifically Induction Cooktops. Comparatively in price in the US are the following:





Just like anything we buy, who or what determines what price the product should be sold for?

There exists all the aspects of manufacturing, licensing, distribution, advertising etc. At the end of the day we determine what we will pay for our coffee, clothes, cars, etc as well as our appliances.

If determination of whether or not you want a product is based solely on price, you maybe missing out.

So let's move on because price should not be the issue.

Next up is the design. By that I mean not only the look, but how the design effects function. I have heard that some do not like the design. This is purely personal opinion and only you can determine what you prefer in your home. The design appears to some having a negative effect on performance due to the fact that the stainless steel trim shrinks the cooking surface area. Some say that it is not a True 36" cooktop because you do not have the most cooking surface area.

I have successfully cooked with four large pans one time and five standard pans another, on the 36" cook top. How many more pans would I need?

Pans on Thermador Induction Cooktop

This photo shows a 13" non stick skillet, 12" caste iron pan, wok and 2 quart sauce pan.

I am not a fan of 5, 6 or more cook tops. Most of us use 3 burners maximum. I had a beautiful 48" range in my home a few years ago that I only used 2 burners in three years. If you need many more burners perhaps you are missing out on using your oven features and less cook top, but I digress. The reduction of excessive cook surface area may be due to the limit on wattage or the layout of the induction rings under the glass.

Whatever the reason the cook top can accommodate: your once a season lobster boil consisting of a large pot for the theme lobster, another pot for the corn, another for the veg or additional shellfish and a last small pan to melt the butter. Another few times of the the year you may breakout the griddle pan or attempt to make gravy from the drippings of the roast. You got it covered with the Freedom Cook top.

Last con maybe Touch Control vs Knob Control.

All I can say to that is we no longer use Pony Express for the mail. Additionally many don't even use the Mailbox, because of email. Get it?

Welcome to updated technology. Knobs provide a sense of control but there is still a chip that is determining the outcome. So touch or knobs basically are activated the same way. Sorry to those who think that the knob control wont break as quickly as the touch control. If you think about it, movable parts are more likely to break quicker.

The color screen is as easy operate as a smart phone with touch technology. All of the features easily appear on the screen. You wont necessarily need to break out the manual for this appliance. Have you ever looked at the manual for your phone?

Thermador Induction Cooktop

Place the pan on cooktop, touch ON. A circle appears on the screen with the number 0 in the center touch it then numbers appear, crank it up to desired temperature = easy.

Thermador Freedom Induction cooktop

Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop

So now that we got the negatives out of the way, let's look at the positives, or did I already cover that?

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To find out more about the Freedom Induction check out Thermadors Website:

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